To lurk or Not to lurk? That is the question.

Did you know yesterday was National Delurking Day? Me either. Barbara is right though ~ we all know there are more people reading our blogs than we have comments for, so yesterday was the day everyone was supposed to say hi. Let’s see if we can continue for a long while longer? Please feel free to say hi, and if you have a blog make sure you leave a link so I can come visit!

Care to unmask and say hi?

final blog signature.


Okay — I think I am a delurker! Sorry, no blog to share! Your blog looks like a fun blog! You know — I think the background changed while I was blogging! Strange!!


I see Joyce already suggested what I was, check the referrals. I get a lot who were doing a google search for different keywords and as quickly as they come, they go!

I lurk around here from time to time. 🙂



Hey, Tamy, have you ever checked ‘referrals’ to find out where some of the people come from who visit your blog?

It is so weird, but the people who come to me through searches are looking for ‘The Dash’ by Linda Ellis, stomach flu symptoms, pancreatitis in dogs, or the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse. Is that weird, or what? I get about 6 hits a day for Linda Ellis’ poem (and a wonderful poem it is).

Talk to you later. 🙂


Yup … I knew … and I included the traditional ‘delurking guy’ in yesterday’s post. Got just 4 comments … much less than usual. I included it in today’s post too and had a better response, but I suspect the comments are more related to Ruby Tuesday and Ten on Tuesday than to ‘delurking’ ;–)
Hugs and blessings,