Thursday Thirteen

Thank you Janet and Megan for resurrecting it!

13 projects being worked this week and hope to get at least one to completion because I am running into issue after issue.
  1. Texture coat for linen effect stairwell walls.
  2. Texture coat for linen effect Amber’s bedroom walls.
  3. Paint stairwell.
  4. Paint Amber’s bedroom.
  5. Hang Oak Quilt Hanger Bar.
  6. Close dining room ceiling now that upstairs shower leak is fixed.
  7. Finish upstairs bathroom molding.
  8. Paint Upstairs bathroom.
  9. Repair bedroom wall from electrician and texture coat over repair and then paint it.
  10. Finish caulking seams on downstairs bathroom ceiling.
  11. Paint downstairs bathroom.
  12. Take weekend off to watch playoff games.
  13. Work on quilt for stairwell.

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Impressive list! I bow to your energy and persistence in following through on such things. I finally got around to a T-13 this past week too … showing ‘clutter’ I’ve cleared at Small Reflections with a bit of Haiku too.
Hugs and blessings,

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

Kiy I love your additions – can you send over the color swatches? LOL

Melissa, The week for this list just started yesterday and so far so good – I’ll let you know next Wednesday (If I’m still alive LOL).

LingoVise Says...

Ghads!! I need your motivation 🙂

I need to paint the hallway, the guest room and the game/family room all before the baby comes. Nothing fancy… just 2 coats of color each… but honestly –
It’s not looking good.

You Go Girl!


14. Paint master bedroom, Kiy’s picked out a lovely off-white/mauve – trust me, it will work nicely with the new bedroom set I bought … a year ago.

15. Paint master bath to match.

16. Scrape all the disgusting bubble stuff off the ceilings in the house. Bonus, the kitchen is already done.

Let me know if you need me to add anything else to your list, ’cause the only way these things will get done is if YOU do ’em! 😉

Remember, you really like me (um, you do like me, right?). hehe


~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

Perseverance! I want this stuff done sooooooooooooooo bad I can taste it and and this week was supposed to be so bitterly cold outside that I set myself up for projects to keep me inside this week. We finished the texture on the stairwell today and I just need to do the decorative trim. Tomorrow we’re going to finish Amber’s room which we got a little start on today.


Ok for a second there I was trying to figure out where Wednesday went! You have a LONG project list! I have no clue how you can get everything done.