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At one time or another hubby and I both worked for a major phone company in various capacities. In fact in the course of our employment the company was purchased and changed names twice while I was there and three times while hubby was there. I can’t remember where this phone originated, but it fits this 117 year old house well. We hung it in the foyer where one quite like it probably hung at some point in time.

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Thanks everyone. It really does look like a face and it’s a great phone. The bell box is sitting on the treadle of my old sewing machine and the whole thing works if we hook it up. It hasn’t really been that long since companies used old switchboards. When I hired on in the early eighties, one of my duties was to relive the switch board operator for the business office for breaks and lunch. That really wasn’t that long ago – also no one carried cell phones to speak of. Isn’t technology grand?


Linda C. mentioned party lines – my home town and the town next to us shared the same exchange, so our party line was from the next town. My grandma, who lived next door to us, had a line with someone she knew.

Old phones are cool – yours looks so nice where it is!


I go as far back as the old rotary phone but this one is a gem. And the fact that you’ve worked for the phone company and the age of your house makes it a perfect match.


Oh, what a great phone. My aunt also has one, working old phone and it is in wonderful condition, she too retired from ole’ Ma’ bell!

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Cool phone! Phones used to be something special. We live in the old house of DH’s grandparents, and one room was called the “phone room”, because the phone was there.


I love your old phone. My dad’s aunt, “back in the day” had the phone switchboard in her home. As they say..those were the days…
happy VTT and have a lovely day.

Linda C

I love these old phones. We have one like this in our attic that came from my husband’s grandparents’ home. I used to have it in our kitchen, but got tired of dusting it:)

I remember as a small child when my parents had this type of phone also–on a party line of course:)

I could never figure out how my parents knew when to answer it when it rang. It rang when ever anyone on the party line had a call and you had to listen for “shorts and longs” in the rings.

Wow- look what phones do now:)
Great post!

Linda C


Wow Tamy, that phone is so cool. And it’s even cooler that you and your husband both worked for phone companies. That is a great idea!