House UPDATE ~ Chronicles of a bungled Real Estate deal ~ Stairway ~ Part 5C

Hubby is getting ready to do the final painting of the spindles and stairs, but had to replace the broken step first. We weren’t sure what we were going to find inside, there had been so many other surprises in walls and such. The stairs were a bit of a challenge as they too were put together with ‘square’ nails. SO removing the molding pieces and edge that needed to be reused took a bit longer than planned.

Now he just needs to let the wood putty dry and then he can begin sanding the steps for painting.

So the bonus find under the step from when they put in the electrical in the closet below was a 1949 Chicago Tribune in near perfect condition.

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What a cool find!!! I know in my own home renovations we have found some odd things- but nothing this cool! That’d be kind of neat to frame the best pages, really highlighting the time, and hang along your stairwell. It’d be a cool conversation piece for when people come over.