Camera Critters – Mom nobody will play with me…

hosted by Misty at Camera Critters

Mom, no one will play with me!! He gets that same look no matter the season, inside or out! He’ll sit like this for hours. There’s only so much playing any of us can do in the house during the winter, but we do play ‘psuedo catch’ and fetch every morning. When Whiskey takes a toy to him, he’s no longer interested in playing. Fickle guy he is! Some of you will remember that this “used” to be my favorite chair. The only thing he’s ever chewed up was the cushion to this chair. I replaced it with the brown pillow and it’s now “HIS” chair. It’s hard to believe he’s an 80 pound dog when he curls up this small. This is where he sleeps every night and he stands and barks at me when I vacuum under the pillow!
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