Cafe Writing ~ February ~ Option 6 ~ Pick 3 ~ February Project: Love Letters

To My One and Only Love,

Remember when we danced all night to that very song at our wedding, even after the DJ had moved onto another tune? Or when you indulged me and sat through Hallmark’s “The Love Letter for the 3rd time? Or when we took the train cross country and people watched all the way?

I woke each day in anticipation of what new surprises we’d encounter, never daring to imagine the trespass the military would make on our life with your activation and deployment so shortly after our marriage.

While you are gone I will continue to fill my days with quilting and homemaking. It gives my hands something to do and pass the endless time you are absent from my life.

It is hard to imagine not waking with you each and every morning and while life gets in the way of all our long term dreams coming true, I won’t stop dreaming. Our separation will be short and our reunion will be a welcome respite from the day to day woes we are currently living through.

I’ll always love you forever and always more,

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~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

Dear anon,

This was cut from a journal entry I wrote when hubby’s unit first deployed to Washington state for training before Iraq and before I knew he was going to sent back and spend his deployment as rear detachment commander state side, but it was appropriate for this writing assignment. It was still a long 18 months with just a few 6 week TDY’s, but the whole experience alters your day to day life.

I hope your hubby’s deployment goes quickly and uneventfully so that he is back safe in your arms soon.

Barbara, Janet and Joyce, Thank you so much for your sweet comments too.


Deployments are always soooo hard! My hubby was deployed to Afghanistan just 3 months ago. I still have 9 months left!!!!Where did your other half deploy to?