House Update – Chronicles of a Nightmare ~ Living Room ~ Part 9

The above pictures are the before we bought the house pictures that the realtor took. One of the things I really fell in love with was this “DOUBLE” mantle and pillared fireplace. I love the beveled mirror that ties it all together. The entire room is just bright and welcoming, but was in serious need of fresh paint. We weren’t thrilled with the puke green carpet, but figured we’d live with it for a bit. That bit was short lived when I picked up the corner to see the hardwood floor color below and the carpet literally disintegrated in my hands it was so rotten. So I opened a window and started tossing it outside for the dumpster we had just ordered to empty out all the trash they’d left behind. Hubby was NOT thrilled with me, but agreed it needed to be done.

The above picture was taken a few days after we moved in, but before we pulled out the rotted carpet, removed the sun rotted sheers, added blinds and curtains.

We decided on BEHR Oklahoma Wheat for the walls and this warm Mocha for the mantle. The mocha really compliments the golds in the original tile work around the fireplace.

Below is the completed room.

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