Thursday Thirteen
Thank you Janet and Megan for resurrecting it!

We ran into quite a few MORE issues last week that slowed us down AGAIN! So those in blue we accomplished and the rest is a new list, but I know we will be done for good over the next couple of months.

  1. Measure counter tops in kitchen and calculate butcher block. DONE
  2. Install baking center butcher block. DONE
  3. Install final kitchen cabinet. DONE
  4. Calculate bead board needed to finish master bedroom. DONE
  5. Fix broken stair tread that should have been on the house disclosure, but wasn’t. DONE
  6. Build trim work for stairway out of recycled trim from the barn. DONE
  7. Build anchor board for the top banister. DONE
  8. Paint stairway banister spindles. DONE
  9. Paint mantle touch-up. DONE
  10. Clear path to barn from snow. DONE
  11. Paint stair treads with a double coat of heavy duty paint with non-slip granules so I don’t fall and break my tail bone again. We picked a brick red called Chianti. DONE
  12. Clean up all paint drops from floors. DONE
  13. Install Amber’s ceiling molding DONE
  14. Sand upstairs floors DONE
  15. Feed hardwood floors. DONE
  16. Make new MUST DO HOUSE list. DONE – yay down to one page
  17. Repair casing woodwork in Studio.
  18. Paint Studio.
  19. Repair hole in baseboard from the electrician in master bedroom.
  20. Repair bedroom wall from electrician and texture coat over repair and then paint it.
  21. Build Closet frame in master bedroom.
  22. Install closet doors.
  23. Close dining room ceiling now that upstairs shower is finished.
  24. Install dining room ceiling tiles.
  25. Paint dining room ceiling tiles and upper walls.
  26. Finish upstairs bathroom molding.
  27. Paint Upstairs bathroom.
  28. Install kitchen flooring.
  29. Seal basement.
final blog signature.