Practical Jokes, America’s Funniest Home Videos and I need your help for a Payback’s a Bitch

So I was having a wonderful chat with my friend Barbara tonight, something we haven’t done in many, many months. We enjoyed it a lot and then my phone battery died after 3 hours and we resorted to IMs again. During our call I was in my studio which left hubby to his own devices which tonight resulted in a lot of channel surfing. He ended up watching America’s Funniest Home Videos where he learned a new trick. LOL his new trick leads up to the Payback is a Bitch and how I need your help.

While I was having a grand old time chatting and catching up, hubby was taping down the lever on the kitchen sink sprayer. He knew I’d need some water after talking for so long so he left the Brita empty so I’d have to fill it. I turned on the cold water and was immediately drenched by cold water. He also conveniently disappeared!

So here’s my question: how would you arrange payback for your hubby? It needs to be funny, when he least expects it and really, really good!

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hahahaha that’s great! I love that y’all play practical jokes on each other 🙂

I used to superglue pencils to my coworker’s desk…and even did it to her phone once. just a little bit!


When I was younger, I used to do really mean things to my brother. 🙂 Here are the ones he still talks about:

I put saran wrap under the toilet lid so when he went to the bathroom he ended up sitting on it. That was pretty gross and he was really mad because it was the middle of the night.

Then on another time I put toothpaste (it happened to be crest) on his lips. I was told it would turn them a different color. Well- it didn’t turn them a different color- but his lips got really puffy, so he had a really hard time talking. It went down after a few hours- THAT was hilarious. Mom wasn’t pleased though.

The most recent, I visited him at his apartment and rubbed Vaseline all over his pillow- you can’t see it if you do it right. I also put some in his towel next to the shower. 🙂 LOL!! He called me in the middle of the night and was SO mad! Unknowingly, he had a girl staying the night. Let’s just say it wasn’t only him that got it. 🙂 HA!!

Mississippi Songbird

lol.. I’ve never been good at payback.. I’m such a pacivist…lol..
Good Luck with what you do decide to do… I love the quilting stuff. I can’t do any kind of stichwork because of old arthritis.. Have a wonderful week.

~3 Sides of Crazy~

I really like the pizza joke – what a double whammy. I feel sorry for his fiance’, but I’m still laughing!

Barbara I love the jeans one! Unfortunately he’s a hot sauce kinda guy so it would have to be atomic before he’d even notice.

Right now the biggest joke is that he knows I wrote the post and asked for suggestions. He’s afraid someone will have a rally good one I won’t share until it’s too late.

Right now I’ll adapt the “BJ Hunnicut” persona and let him practical joke himself worrying about when and where.


What a little sneak!!! *laugh*

Heather’s are great!!!!!

hmmmmm well there are the typical things… replace the salt with sugar, or vice versa…

You could stitch the legs closed at the ankle on his oldest crappiest pair of jeans, and then conveniently have all the other jeans in the laundry.

Mostly empty a bottle of ketchup into a leftover container, add hot sauce to the kethcup bottle and shake it up really well… Make fries for lunch.



Once upon a time, we had an office full of guys, and playfully had pranks going on occasion. Some of my favorites:

— Our guy Paul took another employee’s cell phone and stashed it up in the ceiling over the employee’s desk. Later on in the day, the employee’s phone was ringing, and he went NUTS trying to figure out where it was!

— Tom put Jon’s phone in the freezer, and then called it later when he knew that Jon was near the freezer. (This is NOT recommended, as this could have ruined the phone and/or the battery! But it was still funny!)

— Once, while Paul was on vacation, I had the idea to access his computer and adjust his little dictionary/Auto-fill feature in Excel (I forget what the feature is called. I think it might be the “auto-correct” feature) that allows you to associate certain words with other words, so that when you type one word it inserts a different one automatically. I had it set so whenever he typed “Heather” (my name) it would automatically switch it to “The Queen”, or some such thing. The rest of the office got in on it, too, and we had the name “Jon” auto-filling to say “My Master” and “Tom” would auto-fill “The Slacker” (this was actually Tom’s idea. He was a self-professed slacker.) When Paul returned, he would try to type an email or a note in a spreadsheet, and would type “Heather” and suddenly it would become “The Queen”. It was priceless! He didn’t know what was going on!

— After Paul left and moved away, he told me once to “save him a piece of pizza” from our upcoming office meeting (this was a regular monthly thing that we did). So I did just that. I saved him a piece of pizza, wrapped it in foil, placed a rubber roach on top (which had made a tour around the office over the years in various pranks), and then Saran Wrapped the whole thing. I sent that Priority Mail to him. He said later that it was great! He and his fiance went to the post office to pick up the package, and while he was driving she opened it, and visibly jumped at the roach sitting on the foil-wrapped pizza. Paul says he laughed and laughed, and had to explain the joke to his fiance.

Just a few of my favorites that we pulled over the years. They aren’t necessarily for everyone!