Lap Dog or So HE thinks!

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Hubby and I were sitting and watching a movie when all of a sudden our 80 pound lab decided he wanted to sit in dad’s lap. He’ll be 7 years old next month and has NEVER done this before so it was a moment to capture. Sis wasn’t impressed!

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Adorable … both! All my dogs no matter what their size have thought themselves LAP DOGS … and somehow we always make it work ;–)
Hugs and blessings,


I remember last week you commented at my CC you were going to post this picture. 🙂

He’s a big boy, your Lab. But who can resist a good cuddle with a dog? Not me!

Charli and me

How cute! Both of your dogs are so sweet. We have owned labs in the past. They are wonderful dogs and do the darnest things. We had one who could turn the knob on the back door and go out by herself. I kep blaming my hubby for leaving the door open until we figured it out.