My Wish List ~ Wednesday Wishes

So as I have been spring cleaning this week, I ran across numerous half finished projects from stained glass designs and bits of glass, stacks of mated fabric all the way to want to make recipes and so my wish list grows and grows.

Inland Glass Grinder is something I really need to get rid of all the bits and pieces of broken glass around here.
I love these quilts, Terry’s Flower Garden and Tuesday Garden Club by Hedgehog Quilts.

I love this jigsaw quilt pattern by Lehmann Quilting.

I really need a new Cuisinart food processor. This 7 cup is the perfect size. I have one that I received as a wedding present from a good friend and it gets used several times a week and has served me well.

I would realllllllllllly love this revolving bookcase from Levenger for reference materials near my work table.

My knives are a collection of hand me downs and a mish mosh of this and that brands. I received a paring knife and potato peeler as a gift a while back and fell in love with this brand and their craftsmanship. I would really love a complete set of CUTCO knives with their “FOREVER” guarantee.

Nordicware Heart shaped pan speaks for itself.
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Jules Someone

My vote would be to skip the Cutco knives. Cook’s Illustrated likes Forschner (sp?), and I have to agree. I have a couple of their paring knives. They were fairly inexpensive, and they work very well. I also have some Wusthof and Henkels knives that I’m very happy with. My one Cutco knife is not my favorite. Having said that, I love the quilts!