Time Machine

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would participate and take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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TODAY’S QUESTION: I built this awesome time machine! If you could go back in time and tell yourself just one thing, what would it be and why?
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Lisa C.

I was just talking about this with my sister after watching Life on Mars… lol.. I honestly don’t think I would.. If I change anything, I may not be who I am or have what I have today, 2 beautiful baby girls and the most wonderful friend, husband, and companion I could ever ask for.


I think I would go back and concentrate on my grades. I made good grades but I could have done better…to busy trying to be cool!


I would go back to when I was a senior in high school and not talk myself into pharmacy school. I used up time and money going there for miserable years when I just wanted to teach. Of course now I wonder if I should have stayed there – *sigh*


I would go back to when I was 15 when my life was a bit traumatic and tell myself take it easy everything was going to work out but don’t jump to fast


oh hard…umm…I’d probably go back and tell myself dont waste your time on going to college for nursing…its not what you want to do! PLUS..you end up being a SAHM anyway! 🙂


I would totally tell myself – go to college get it out of the way before you have a family! And P.S. I think when you get older you’d really like to be a teacher – so pursue that! 🙂


This is much harder than it appears on the surface. Do I do the easy thing or the real thing? hmmmm… I think one thing I would do is tell myself to have my kids earlier & maybe remind myself that I really do want a larger family than two so we’d better get started! lol

Shelley K.

I would tell myself NOT to get married the first time at such an early age (WHY do we do that????) Wait..wait…wait!!! Definitely made a wiser decision the second time around 🙂


I would go back to my my first year of teaching and tell myself to take it easy! I spent way too much time trying to master things that apparently only come with experience.


I’d go back to when I was about 10-12 and tell myself I have PCOS and what it was so I’d have been diagnosed earlier and dealt with the problem instead of trying to deal with the symptoms which only made it worse.