House UPDATE ~ Chronicles of a bungled Real Estate deal ~ Kitchen continued

While I have an extra cup of coffee today, I thought I’d bring you up to date on this old house we’re trying to finish.

YAY – the flooring finally arrived. We have lived with a painted subfloor for so long, but I really hate it. I’m so excited we’re finally able to put down the new floor even if it does mean sooooooooooooo much work. We found an awesome deal on some solid oak tongue and groove 3/4 inch flooring. We had a few issues with the delivery and have been waiting for this for an additional 2 weeks. It was absolutely beautiful the week it was supposed to be delivered. Yesterday was COLD and SNOWING (a wet yucky snow) and the delivery showed up at 7AM instead of 9:30AM and he wouldn’t put the pallet in the garage or even the driveway, but dropped it in the street so it had to be unloaded by hand IMMEDIATELY in the wet snow at 7AM before coffee. The delivery man said it was a $75 charge for every 10 minutes he was there (a fact we were not informaed of, but you can bet I will be discussing with the seller).

Hubby even went to the library and read and then re-read all he could find. The books will tell you to start at one edge and work towards the other side. Since this is an “L” shaped room and the house is 117 years old, it is not necessarily always square, we started with the arch in the center of the room (the one spot we know is square because we did it) and are working out in either direction to keep the lines straight. That way any minor discrepancies will be under the baseboards when they are up.

Before we put in the first nail we lined up the boards between the arch and an entire row on each side to be sure this was the right decision.

So I’m back to sorting out sizes and making a pattern. I hope to show you a finished floor later today or tomorrow. Now I can’t wait to stain and finish it!

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can’t wait to see it! i would be so so excited too! Sounds like a steep delivery fee!! 75 for 10 min?? Wow! I am in the wrong business Tam!


oh it is going to be so beautiful. you two have a lot of hard work ahead of you with getting this floor down! i’ll say a prayer for you!!


Oh – how exciting Tamy! That floor is going to be gorgeous! And that’s horrible that they dropped it off in the street in the snow!!!


Netts Nook

Oh can I relate we have moved four time in four years and now we are retired and moving again. The floor looks great can’t wait to see the finished product.