Thank you Janet and Megan for resurrecting it!

  1. AU JUS = with natural gravy
  2. AU GRATIN = covered with cheese or crumbs (or both) and baked
  3. ASPIC = savory jelly made from stock or tomato juice with gelatin
  4. BASTE = to moisten food while baking with pan juices
  5. BISQUE = a white soup base
  6. CAFE AU LAIT = equal parts coffee and milk
  7. CREAM = to mix butter (or shortening) in a bowl until soft and light
  8. FRAPPE = partly frozen
  9. FRICASSEE = a dish of any boiled meat served in a rich milk sauce
  10. JULIENNE = cut into fine strips or strings
  11. PIQUANT = a sharp sauce
  12. PUREE = food boiled to a pulp and put through a sieve
  13. SCALD = to heat milk product until a ‘scum’ forms over top (196 degrees, but NOT boiling)

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Hm, I kind of ‘knew’ several of those, but had you asked me to define them I couldn’t have put it nearly as pithy. 🙂
It’s interesting that most of those words are french in origin.

Wife of a Sailor

Ooo… I didn’t know about about some of these. Thanks for clarifying.

My TT is my first for this new blog and is about everything I have to do before the Navy movers pack everything up on Monday.

Hootin' Anni

ANYthing au gratin is fine and dandy with me!!! Gimme, gimme!!

My 13 is posted….all flowers in our yard, done in a collage for you. Drop by if you can find time. Happy Thursday.