The light at the end of the tunnel ~ time for another House Update

It’s been a rough couple of weeks around here. We’ve been busting our butts to get the projects finished around here so we can get this house on the market. We are just plum wore out as my grams would say.

We did take a couple of days off after finishing the floor since we were so tired and sore, but then we got right back into the swing of things. Over the past week we have been:

  • serious yard clean-up and major pruning
  • cleaning out the barn, organizing camping gear and boxing up TONS of stuff for the VFW rummage sale
  • stacking next year’s firewood
  • sealing 2 of the butcher block counter tops with the first coat of sealer.

  • painting wall paper ~ it was a cotton brocade with no flock, but was old and yellowing . It looks sooooooooooo good painted in BEHR Innocence White.

If you look close above the door you can see the color differentiation, In person it’s an awesome change!

  • installing ceiling tiles in 3 separate rooms, one of which has a fun pattern as you can see

  • installing external molding that the previous owner never bothered with
  • deciding for sure on house colors so we can paint this summer

all of which make my back sore and really tired, but we’re nearing the end so it makes so much easier to live with. We still have a ways to go and all the crown molding to do and tons more molding after that, but we are starting to see that light at the end of tunnel once again!

I’ve been trying to take better care of myself so I can feel less stressed. Now that I’ve had a long, long, hot shower I feel human again and seriously less stressed. It IS the little things!

I don’t know why I am always surprised when I fall so short of my own expectations, but I am. I continually do it over and over again, and yet I am always surprised over and over again when it happens. Life is soooooooooooooo messy, the unexpected happens all the time and we do all need grace, lots of it and many times from ourselves.

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The house is certainly looking good.

After it sells, are you planning on moving to a climate with less snow? Just wondering. 😛

~3 Sides of Crazy~

Thanks, they are very lightweight and actually pretty easy. I’m using liquid nails (so they’ll never go anywhere). The problem comes with the 117 year old house not being completely square and the fact that the patterned tiles are old stock we found at Habitat for Humanity and just very slightly different in the edges from the new tiles. As for not being square, the crown molding will cover those areas and the few areas where the edges aren’t perfect, well they’re 9 feet up and can’t be seen. The tiles are lightweight fiberboard, but you can still only put a few in at a time and then let the liquid nails dry before you move on to the next few so it’s more time consuming than anything.