House Update – Chronicles of a Bungled Real Estate Deal – Part 12 – This and That

So much for the trip to the dump yesterday. It turns out it wasn’t our last trip after all. Today began with starting this pile.

Hubby continued on with the trim that the previous guy didn’t bother with. We really lucked out when we went to try and match it. The local lumber company had ordered it for the previous guy and he’d never picked it up. When I went in searching to match it they were just getting ready to burn it so they sold it to me for $1 per board instead of the original $2 a foot. SCORE!!
On a more fun note, I’ve been trying to get to the ICE ROOM for what seems like forever. This is a REAL ice room. You know where a guy used to deliver a block of ice every day to keep the food cold – long before refrigerators. I’m turning it into a cleaning closet. It is a concrete room that stands just outside the kitchen door at the top of the basement stairs. The previous owner had shoved styrofoam along the edges of the walls and put up a couple of primitive crude shelves. I pulled all that out today and cleaned it real well. Next comes a ceiling, some walls and a floor to which we will continue the oak flooring from the kitchen after painting. Then I’ll install a couple of shelves and some hooks for brooms and such. It’s a 5x5x6 foot tall room.

I hope to finish the ICE room later this week. Hubby also finished the molding in the downstairs bathroom. This little room at the end of the bathroom used to be the cold storage room off the butler’s pantry which is what the bathroom was many many moons ago. This room is officially done! YAY!!!

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Maybe you can write some historical fiction someday, Tamy. I imagine you’ve been learning quite a bit about how folks used to live as you’ve been remodeling the house.

It’s looking beautiful, BTW.


you two sure are coming along! you’ve made such great progress with everything. can’t wait to see the finished product! you definitely will have to go through and take new pictures of every room and nook & crany, lol! i’ve never heard of an ice room before. pretty cool!