House Update – Chronicles of a Nightmare ~ Master Bedroom ~ Part 8

One of the rooms we had to tear part of the walls out of was the master bedroom where it connected to the bathroom. Unfortunately this was also our closet. So for quite some time our all of our clothes resided in the other rooms. They are finally back in our room, but it is truly the last room being done! This room was in relatively good shape except for the 2 holes from molly screws for plant hangers in the ceiling and the closet that had to be ripped out due to the mold from the bathroom.

These were the pictures from the realtor. The previous owner used the master bedroom as a guest room with 2 double beds. The rooms is huge and has an awesome bay window with a southern exposure so we couldn’t wait to make this a master bedroom again (they were older and were using what is now my studio on the main level as their bedroom.

These are the ceiling patches that won’t even be detectable when we’re done. Thanks once again to Habitat for Humanity Restore we were able to do these patches for 50 cents, the cost of 1 tile that matched.

These holes were all caused by the electrician, a necessary evil when he upgraded the electrical to current code. these patches will also be undetectable when we’re done. The texture coated walls are being replaced with bead board to match the new closet.

This is the picture shortly after we moved in and before we had to tear out 1/2 the room.

This is current day. Tune in next month for a finished room.

The fireplace chimney runs up the middle of the wall in the master bedroom. There used to be 2 skinny (and I do mean skinny) closets with tiny 2 foot doors (you literally had to climb into the closet to see what was at the back), one on either side of the chimney. We turned the south side into an alcove that hubby’s dresser and chest slide back into giving us more floor space. On the other side we’re building a walk-in closet with 2 levels and built in show racks that you can actually use!

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can’t wait to see it finished! i still can’t believe you are going to sell it when you’re done instead of living there after all this work!


Wow Tamy – you really have done some work on your house! You are a busy girl. I love how big that room is and the floor looks really pretty. Your new closet looks huge – that will be so nice!