Spice and Seasoning Shelf Lives

Thank you Janet and Megan for resurrecting it!

While looking something up for a friend, I ran across this Durkee spice site that I thought had some interesting information to pass along.
  1. Spices, Whole Seeds~3 years
  2. Spices, Whole Herbs~2 years
  3. Spices, Ground~2 years
  4. Dehydrated Garlic/Onion~2 years
  5. Chives~2 years
  6. Parsley~2 years
  7. Seasonings~2 years (if they’re a blend, maybe less depending on the individual spices)
  8. Sauce & Gravy dry mixes~18 months
  9. Pure & Imitation Extracts~3 years
  10. Food Colors~2 years
  11. Bouillon Cubes~2 years
  12. Baking Powder~1 year
  13. Baking Soda~3 years

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There’s a link at one of the spice companies where you can input the info on the label and it’ll tell you when it was made and if it’s still good. I went thru all my spices that way LOL!


Great list! I have had to chuck many a spice jar in my life… but the “regulars” like cinnamon and curry I seem to run out of all the time!


Very timely for me, I was just cleaning up my spice shelf yesterday and I had to throw most of them 🙁 This is great, thanks!


I am not sure I agree with #9, simply because lately I have had some of my not-so-old extracts evaporate!! Great list, though…very useful.