House Update – Chronicles of a Bungled Real Estate Deal – Almost never seems close enough PART 2

To refresh your memory the closets in the master bedroom had to be ripped out way back when due to the mold problems. This was no big loss as they had been installed on either side of the chimney that runs up the center of the back wall and were only 2 foot wide with teeny tiny doors. We thought long and hard on this one. We wanted to make a walk in closet with plenty of storage. Well we succeeded. There are 5 built-in shoe racks, a dual rod for 8 feet and 3 feet of space for extra long garments like dresses.

We originally ordered French louvered doors from Home Depot that came with the casing, but their supplier was canceled and we were forced to look elsewhere. No one else had exactly what we were looking for and then we found some at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and are building our own casing and refinishing the doors which will be hung Monday. We do have the molding up though which is a real plus as the finish molding always seems to take the longest!
Many of you may remember that the kitchen counters still needed to be done and I had used peel and stick tiles in the interim. Today by complete accident we found an awesome deal on marble tiles. I had originally wanted a sheet of marble, but the price was so exorbitant that we kept looking. Well today we found these close out tiles for 25% of the original price and I’m going to get busy this next week. Ironically the grout color name is ‘biscuit’.

I also am in the middle of refinishing the bathtub. Do you see that moth that landed on my wet finish? He’s going to cost me an additional 3 days and another resurfacing – oh well.

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