House Update – Chronicles of a Bungled Real Estate Deal – Almost never seems close enough

I bet many of you thought I’d dropped off the face of the earth, but no I’m here, just been extremely busy doing all those projects to tie up loose ends here on this investment house. So here is the much neglected house update. This ugly ‘room’ was the concrete ice room from the turn of the last century. The outside door is even still in place for ice insertion.

We created internal walls, ceiling and floor as well as added shelves for gardening tools, hooks for mops and brooms and have turned into a utility/broom closet/mud room as it is as you enter from the deck, but before you reach the kitchen. The basement stairway is also located here. Hubby and the electrician had to cut away much of the original siding to re-do the electrical wiring and install the dryer vent so that also need to be repaired and we are in the process of painting the entire stairway in a bight BEHR Oklahoma Wheat color.

The floors are stained and need a final sanding before we move on to the existing hardwood floors to refinish.

Along the way I’ve also been sorting for the big VFW rummage sale and packing too as I go.

I’d been doing this for most of the year. We had brought everything with us so that we could do just that through the cold winter and it’s is just about done! YAY! How is it we accumulate so much stuff? I had things from my grams, my dad and my mom that also needed gone through, but it really is hard sometimes. The thought of repacking it for a cross country move is what got me in gear. The less the better to move home.

This is the last batch. I’m working on next years batch now!

See how clean the barn is now! It would stay that way except the VFW will be storing their stuff there until next year again.

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Gretchen you are sooooooooooooo right. Things like the kitchen glasses that were $10 from Target or the vacuum that needs replacing anyway are NOT getting moved! It may seem like a waste, but donating it here and replacing it there is so much cheaper than the cost of moving it.


It’s amazing how much stuff we end up with over the years. I’m afraid to even think about moving! It might be easier to just leave it all here and start over!