Some Thoughts on Selling this House

A few of you have left me facebook comments that really touched me and made me think.

Joyce over at Mom’s Musings ~ Whoever buys your house is lucky, Tamy! I can’t think of any remodeler so conscientious as you guys!

My answer ~ I was raised to believe a job worth doing was worth doing right. There was no way we would have turned around and swindled someone else like we were by the previous owner. Right is right and this was wrong so someone had to make it right. I’ll move proud knowing this house was done right. That said, it will still pull at my heart strings to let it go. I envision a young and growing family buying it. It really is the perfect house for a family ~ now. The farm style, light and bright country kitchen has room for large groups to hang out while mom cooks or the kids do their homework. It also looks out through the many windows at the huge backyard where those same kids can run and play with their golden retriever. I always envisioned a greenhouse in the southwest corner where you could grow vegetables and herbs. There is now a first floor laundry in the kitchen area that makes life so much easier than going to the basement, especially in the winter. The formal dining room is working as a computer center these days, but would be perfect for kids and their homework so the parents are nearby. I envisioned the formal dining room and 4th bedroom (the old parlor) being converted into a master suite on the main floor. That would prevent teenagers from sneaking out too! LOL

Diana over at Forgetfulone ~ I agree with joyce.

Diana over at Forgetfulone ~ Come to Texas!

My answer ~ I wish we knew where we going exactly – I’ll let you know as soon as I do. I do know it will be near family so you’re still in the running.

Tammy over at Queen Sized Funny Bone ~ after all that tender loving care I don’t know if I could sell it.

My answer ~ I’m really torn about selling now that it is almost done, but this was supposed to be an investment while we waited out the military benefits red tape, albeit a simpler investment, you know some paint, refinish the floors… We never planned on investing so much time, effort, money, blood, sweat or tears, but we also couldn’t turn around and swindle someone the way we were. I really believe what goes around comes around. I’ll miss the house but not as much as I miss family and friends back home now!

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Wait, wait! I didn’t realize we could put a request in for your future home. Heck gal, meet me in South Caroline. At least that way you will get summer! 🙂

Cheers, Kiy

P.S. I still want to buy your house, but there isn’t a house great enough on this planet to get me to move back to MI. Not one.