1. Somewhere on Lake Superior
2. Italy
3. A small village in the U.K.
4. Hawaii
5. Alaska

Lake Superior is my first choice, though. I made my husband promise that when we retire we will live there for at least a year.


What a great list. I would love to visit all of those places. How fun would it be to be able to go to each place and take cooking classes for a few months. Wow!



I am a bit slow. I googled Norway recipes and the recipes that came up where the same as ones I read about in novels like the Red River series by Lauraine Snelling. It would be nice to see what these look like.

I came across a blog with sandbakkels I think, that was very interesting.


A lot to think about there.

I grew up with a lot of Italian and Spanish families, we were outnumbered where we lived. Yes, the cooking would be interesting from Argentina and Norway, and the others too.