5 End of Summer Wrap up Thoughts

5 End of Summer Wrap up Thoughts: In many parts of the country this doesn’t mean much, but here in the north woods it is the beginning of winter for all intents and purpose. You want to be ready in case of an early snow or exceptionally cold fall.
  1. Time to put away the patio furniture.
  2. Do a good final edging to the yard.
  3. Trade the tank tops for sweaters.
  4. Put up the storm windows.
  5. Dig out the electric blanket.

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Tamy, your post reminds me: Have you seen the movie New In Town? I’m just thinking about really COLD winters! Plus, it’s a FUNNY movie. 😛


Sadly, I traded my tanks and tees for long sleeves and light sweaters. I’m not ready to think of the woolen winter wear yet. I am with you on the entire list.


You wouldn’t need that electric blanket here in Texas! tee he! of course, you also wouldn’t be giving the yard a final edging just yet. Maybe in 4-6 more weeks. Summer is “over” here, but it’s not over!