Thirteen Food thoughts to think about….

Be sure and read the fine print…

  1. If it looks natural but isn’t don’t eat it.
  2. If it’s blue and not a blueberry, don’t eat it!
  3. That goes for cheeto orange too.
  4. Ingredients are listed in order of largest to smallest. So where the ingredient falls on the list has a big bearing on its actual nutritional value.
  5. If a food is artificially colored and flavored, it may not have any nutritional value.
  6. Potato salad doesn’t really count as a salad.
  7. Beer doesn’t count as part of your daily fluids.
  8. The produce aisle is the widest aisle in the store for a reason ~ you should be eating from this aisle the most!
  9. The Ice Cream aisle is wide for a different reason. Think about it.
  10. Items with no nutritional value are not food, they are only entertainment.
  11. Be aware where your food comes from.
  12. Foods with far out expiration dates was probably altered in a lab.
  13. Check it for ingredients. If the list of the ingredients includes names you can’t pronounce, it is probably highly processed.