Save Room for Dessert during the holiday season

The holiday season is here! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or perhaps nothing at all, chances are you save room for extra desserts on the buffet table for parties, the dinner table at home, or use desserts as gifts during this time of year.

Link your dessert recipes with MckLinky below, and if they are holiday desserts, Christmas cookies, Chanukah family favorites, or other Christmas treat recipes you’ll want to also link them during our Christmas Party starting December 17.

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Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

Liz: My pleasure to host SRfD. Glad you’ll post your recipes for our Christmas party on the 17th, too. 🙂

Dave: Sure, tomorrow is fine. I have MckLinky set to accept links for a week — then it’s on to the next Save Room for Dessert. 🙂