Project Linus

Before we moved I donated a TON of fabric to a local church where the ladies made blankets to donate to the LINUS project. Now that we are still in transition I need something to fill a void of time and instead of donating the fabric I have left I will be making blankets for the project. And guess what? You can too! February 20th is National Blanket Day. Contact your local chapter to see how you can help. Make a Blanket Day (MABD) is on the third Saturday in February each year. The next event is set for Saturday, February 20, 2010. Every year, participating chapter coordinators around the country band together to make blankets and spread the Project Linus word. Some may have blanket making events, open houses, collection sites, etc. Please contact your local chapter for more information about local activities.
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A very worthy cause to be involved with. Thanks for making us all aware of it, Tamy. I wish you and your husband a very Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂