Kitchen Dreams & Wishes

A while back I began Kitchen Dreams & Wishes at 3 Sides of Crazy and then it gravitated over to my food blog, OUR KraZy kitchen and now that it has grown into a wonderful collaboration of some awesome foodie blog buddies, it only seems natural to move Kitchen Dreams & Wishes to my personal food blog.

Today’s dreams are courtesy of:

Improvements Catalog, King Arthur Flour, Cooking Enthusiast

What does this step chest have to do with the kitchen you may ask? Well, I dream of it as a pie safe, jam cabinet & spice cubby!

I love this strainer! It seems that all of mine have holes that are just big enough to get the food particles caught and torn!

These measuring spoons are wonderful for actually getting into spice jars easily.

I’m going to be making English muffins soon and these rings will be of a great help!

And this is just a great idea! It could be used in the kitchen and EVERYWHERE else!
aprons 3