Orange Glazed Sesame Shrimp

It’s all over but the shouting.  Day after tomorrow (Saturday), we are off to the land of OZ.  So many things I will miss.  But so many things I have missed.  When we left god’s country (Kansas), it was February and there was 6 inches of snow and temperatures were in the teens.  Looking at the forecast, the 100 degree days are done.  Fall is coming and that is my favorite time to grill and entertain.  Nothing like a crisp fall evening, grilling up something fun and ending up with S’Mores around our fire-pit.  
Yes, I loved every minute I was here. 
Yes, I can’t wait to get home.
I have had an amazing time here.  Done so many things, seen so much, and have a new stack of T-shirts to prove it.  

And I learned to stop and smell the tropical flowers.

I highly recommend everyone living on a tropical island for six months (especially if one of them is February). Puts perspective on everything.
Orange Glazed Shrimp

1 cup Sugar
1 cup Red Wine Vinegar
2 Seedless Oranges, rind removed
1 TBS Honey
1 pound large Shrimp
Sesame Seed/Sea Salt/Garlic Flake mixture to taste
  1. Combine sugar and vinegar in a small sauce pan and cook over high heat until the sugar is melted.  Add the Oranges and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mixture is reduced by half , 5 to 6 minutes.
  2. Transfer the mixture to a food processor and process until smooth.  Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl.  Add the honey and season with the Salt and Pepper.
  3. Place half the glaze in a sauté pan.  Heat over medium heat and add the Shrimp.  Sauté until coated and heated.  I was using precooked shrimp, so all i was doing was heating.  Do not overcook the shrimp.  It will only take a couple of minutes.  Longer (but not much) if you are using raw shrimp.
  4. Add the sprinkle of seasonings (click HERE for the recipe of white and black sesame seeds, garlic flakes and sea salt – I LOVE it and use it for many things).  Add the sesame seed mix while the Shrimp is still in the pan.  The heat will open the seeds and add an aroma to the meal. 
Serve over rice.  The glaze can be made in advance.  Stores in the fridge for a week and can be used for lots of other foods.  How about an Orange Glazed Salmon (on the grill), or Orange Glazed Vegetables (on the grill), or Orange Glazed… Bacon (really, click HERE).

And once you Glaze Bacon with oranges, can Chocolate Covered Orange Glazed Bacon be far behind???
But That’s a post for another day.

Oh, and if you do move to a tropical island, get up early enough to see the sun rise from your deck.  It really is a great place to write your blog posts.
This really was the sunrise just 10 minutes ago, just as I was about to publish this post.  Un-retouched photo, but it looked even better in person.

See you next week from my beloved Cul de Sac

Dave here from MY YEAR ON THE GRILL. It really is just this easy!  


And so can you!


I can’t believe it’s been six months already! Where did the time go? I know you and your grill will have a wonderful reunion. =)


This just may be our dinner tomorrow night! It looks delicious! Now is a terrible time to come back to the land of Oz. It has been over 100 degrees all week. Ugh!!! I am ready for fall.

Martha (MM)

It’s over already?! That was too quick, I didn’t even have time to visit! Well considering we are coming up on the most active part of hurricane season I guess this would be a good time to go. Have a safe tip back to the land of Oz Dave and Jackie! 🙂