Do you want to make something pretty for really cheap too? I had this plain, small and kinda ugly dish on the sink edge for the sponge and scrubbers.  Living with 2 men, I have to tell you they don’t keep it very neat.  Now get your head out of that gutter, one of them is my uncle.
At my house I have a small cake stand that I use, but they are pretty hard to find so I decided to make my own.  So I went to my local thrift store and found these 2 things a mismatched candle holder for 50 cents and pretty salad plate also 50 cents, but on 75% clearance that day.  Then I picked up some of the new Gorilla glue, the clear kind, but still strong as a gorilla, go figure.  I washed both pieces and dried them well.  I put the gorilla glue on the candle holder and then applied it to the back of the salad plate and allowed it to dry well.

And voile’ a new pretty stand that has room for everything!

aprons 3