2011 in MY Words & Pictures!

Project 365 – A photo a day for a year!
To use Martha’s words, literally, I feel a little crazy taking the plunge into a year long commitment to this photography project with everything I have going on lately, but 2011 promises to be a very enlightening and promising year with many changes.

I may not post each individual day, especially in the beginning due to some health issues, but I will take at least one photo each day and backdate the blog posts to the day each photo was taken when necessary. And like Martha some days I may add commentary, some days just a little blurb, but many days will be wordless where I let the photos speak their “thousand words.”
For me this isn’t at all about photography, but about documenting what my life is really like with my enlightened eyes.
Fair warning – it might not always be pretty, but it will be honest.  I am going to catch candid shots of the people, places and things in my life.  It will be an interesting and healthy journey.