Fire Day Friday: Fire Roasted Wings

Who likes chicken wings?  Raise your hand.

I’ll share a secret, chicken wings on the grill are even better!

Here’s how I do mine.  This is about technique over any kind of recipe.  It is easy to do and easy to remember, my son learned to do these at 9 years old.  We call them 30-20-10 wings.
Set your grill up for indirect heat at 375f degrees.  I know I say “direct heat” and “indirect heat” all the time.  But here is HOW you do that:

Then season your wings.  Salt and pepper.  A BBQ rub.  Whatever you feel like.  Then roast them on the grill for 30 minutes.

Flip them and roast 20 minutes.

Toss them in the sauce of your choice.  Buffalo sauce.  BBQ sauce.  Terriyaki sauce.  Whatevs.  Cook for 10 more minutes just to firm up the sauce.

Serve with a cold beverage and enjoy the evening.

So just remember 30-20-10.  When you get around to trying this, I think you’ll find it works!
The next time I post here, I hope to share some new secrets.  Because by this time tomorrow I will be in Las Vegas attending Kingsford University and learning from Pit Master Chris Lilly, of Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ and you probably have seen him on Food Network. 

Big Bob Gibson’s Chris Lilly at the 2010 Big Apple BBQ Block Party from Anthony Quintano on Vimeo.

Excited?  Hell yeah!


I need to do try this technique. I always start my wings out in the oven and then finish them off on the grill. Next time I’m trying it your way!!
I’m so jealous…I’d love to meet Chris Lilly!! He’s amazing!