A to Z Blogging Challenge

There is seriously something wrong with me. I know I have absolutely no business joining another challenge as busy and overwhelmed as my life is right now, but you know how I am, I can’t resist a good challenge!

I stopped over to visit my blogging buddy Martha from Menagerie today and found a fun A-Z Blogging Challenge she is participating in…

Of course I’ll play along too, who could resist?  If you’d like to join us just click the badge! This isn’t necessarily a photo challenge, it can be anything at all as long as it represents the letter for that day. The challenge is to post every day this month (except Sundays) for a total of 26 A-Z posts. So far there are 1210 participants and more still joining!

I’ve been wanting to get more active again here at 3 Sides of Crazy, what better way to give myself that little push!

Since I just found this challenge today I have to catch up so I’m including both A and B today.

Yesterday’s letter was A – is for Absent, what I was yesterday!
Today the letter is B – is for Busy Bee, that’s me!

Come play along, this is going to “B” fun  😉