Fruit Salad Freeze

For camping I made a fruit salad. When we are going to be gone a few days camping, to prevent waste, I will use up the fresh items in the kitchen. We had quite a large selection of fresh fruit, and truthfully a lot of it could have been put into the refrigerator and been just fine, but a large fruit salad works well when coming together for a shared meal. It also offers a quick solution for real food when the little ones are hungry.

I also had some sour cream on hand and decided to dress the fruit with a sweetened sour cream topping, and top it off with fresh ground cinnamon. To make the fruit salad fun, I threw in a handful of mini marshmallows, they also work well to soak up a lot of juice that forms.

Now that camping is over, we have a little under half of that salad left. It has “watered” a bit, but the sum of the parts are much better than the food looks now, so now what? Frozen Fruit Freeze, this is a first time try, but it is a good way to present food differently and frozen fruit in sour cream sounds like a good frozen treat to me!

Encore Fruit Salad Freeze
by the seat of my pants!

4-6 c left over fruit salad
honey, agave or sugar if needed to sweeten the finished product (frozen fruit will need a bit of “sweet”)


Transfer to ice cream maker, process according to directions.

Then remove to a container and freeze for storage.

And if you only have a bit of fruit salad left, it makes a great “smoothie”!

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