Remember GLITCH #1, #2 and #3?  Well, not much has changed.  I did speak with a supervisor today and while he was a good listener, not much was resolved.  After listening to me, he said, “…we can’t guarantee a time only a date.”  At which point I asked why they weren’t coming today.  He seemed taken aback, but still insisted it would be late in the day on the 8th instead of the originally scheduled early in the day on the 7th.  He did promise to see what he could do and call me back.  Surprise though, he didn’t call me back, but had the original clerk who failed to call me back on Sunday be the one to deliver the news.
It will still cost us an additional 4 days in hotels with pets and did I mention we had scheduled this based on weather too?  We’d been keeping a close eye on the weather and today was the perfect moving day or at least loading day!!  Not too hot, definitely not too cold and dry.  Enter GLITCH #4 ~ Tomorrow is supposed to bring us SEVERE thunderstorms.  Not fun for loading and definitely not my idea of, well, of ideal.  The boxes that I so painstakingly packed with care will now get wet and then spend 5-7 days locked in a truck – gee what fun on the other end!
So we’re still here, waiting…