I’m using a new tool, My Fitness Pal to aid in my weight loss, workouts and food monitoring. I thought I’d mention a few points that help tremendously, but don’t make you feel like you’re depriving yourself.
  • HYDRATION – I cannot stress how important this is.  Drinking enough water (at least 8 glasses a day) is key to weight loss and toning muscles.  The body just can’t do without it.  And no soda, tea, beer, etc… DO NOT count towards that goal.  Keeping your body hydrated goes a long way making it easier for your body to give up some extra weight and tone your muscles too.
  • PORTIONS – In today’s world everywhere you go, they are offering bigger and bigger portions!!  By using My Fitness Pal you can see how little you really need to keep your body going and more importantly satisfied.  Overeating is really one of most people’s biggest problem.
  • EXERCISE – without exercise, the body just keep storing all that food and fat for a rainy day.  YOU have to train your body to use the calories for energy.  It’s all about what YOU want and do.
  • CHOICES – We all snack.  Anyone who says they don’t is probably lying or just unaware.  They key is to make healthier choices.  Don’t reach for that cookie, reach for the apple instead.  Thinking about some ice cream?  Open the other door and pull out a yogurt or even a string cheese.  There are so many other things we can satisfy our hunger with besides cookies, crackers, chips, cakes, etc…  I often buy grape tomatoes and pop a few of those or a basket of blueberries…