I like the idea of having even one epiphany, especially as the New Year begins. Epiphanies can lead to resolutions and one of my resolutions is the follow through what it takes to bring those Epiphanies to life.  While I don’t make a specific resolution list as I believe that can be a key to failure, I do make lists of the things I need to accomplish as a whole!

This year I’m not making a list per se, but committing to complete all the projects on my desk and in my pending file.  I WILL BECOME THE SQUEAKIEST WHEEL EVER!

So… I scared myself a little (okay ~ a lot) with this commitment, but remember, the age-old question truly is:
“How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer will always be ~ “One bite at a time!” Some bites will be smaller than others, but that’s okay too!
Happy New Year, one and all, and may you too see the light to your epiphany!