MARTHA over at SEASIDE SIMPLICITY is still LOL trying to get me to perfect my cell phone photos.  The joke will be on her before it is all over.  Love my digital cameras, but my phone is a so-so tool at best for me mainly because of quality.  But here it goes again.


I still didn’t do many pictures this week, but hope to do better next week yet.
  • First up we have me beating the pants off Skip right out of the gate at bowling which leads to that perfect sassy attitude post on FB.
  • Due to the brick short of a load maintenance man we had to replace several plants when he installed the new sprinkler timer box and set it to run for 7 minutes at 3PM in the middle of the desert and the plants weren’t getting enough to drink.  I’ve since adjusted the time to run to after dusk and first thing in the morning.  The flowers were pictures for color I liked to take with me to Home Depot when I bought the new plants.
  • The VA and kindle picture speak volumes for a simple equation- VA = heavy wait times.
  • The burger was lunch out after the VA and the tool was something hubs saw and wanted added to his Christmas list.