I can see that Slice Solutions brownie pan has soooooooooooooooooo many possibilities. I love Sur la Table! This strawberry slicer is totally decadent, but would be great in the summer especially.

I love this stainless steel mesh pie bottom to prevent soggy crusts and the “additional” measuring spoons that this set offers from The Home Market place. You can never have too many measuring spoons.

I love to dream and wish. This also creates a great list for family and friends for gift ideas. Want to play along?
These great items from Williams Sonoma and Villaware are on my covet list this week. From top to bottom: angled potato ricer, hand crank pasta machine, brushed stainless steel soup/stock pot, avocado pitter & slicer and Cuisinart Popcorn popper. Of course I can live without all of them, but would really rather not some day!
I love to dream and wish. This also creates a great list for family and friends for gift ideas. Want to play along?

I love this Cuisinart combination food processor and blender from

Cooking Enthusiast has some fun items. This stainless steel extra large scoop and mesh flavor infuser would both be so helpful.
With the summer season upon us I want to be grilling more, but also grilling healthy so this stainless steel grid for the grill form Sur la Table would be sooooooooooooo helpful.

Williams Sonoma is also one of my most favorite cooking stores. I found this electric griddle over there and I really need a new one. Mine is a hand me down from my grandmother that has been on its last legs for years!


With grilling season upon us, this steak thermometer would be pretty awesome from Home Market Place.
Williams Sonoma is one of my favorite dream places! I’d probably use more FRESH herbs if I had this mincer.
Another of my favorite places to dream is King Arthur flour. I’d really like a bread baker and this doughnut pan. The extra blades in the apple slicer will be awesome for those thinner pieces.
These individual cast iron cobbler pans from Gooseberry Patch will make good use of those thin slices also.
This week’s dreams brought to you by King Arthur flour

Here are a few more tools I’d like to have at hand.

 Today’s dreams are courtesy of:

Improvements Catalog, King Arthur Flour, Cooking Enthusiast

What does this step chest have to do with the kitchen you may ask? Well, I dream of it as a pie safe, jam cabinet & spice cubby!

I love this strainer! It seems that all of mine have holes that are just big enough to get the food particles caught and torn!

These measuring spoons are wonderful for actually getting into spice jars easily.

I’m going to be making English muffins soon and these rings will be of a great help!

And this is just a great idea! It could be used in the kitchen and EVERYWHERE else!