• So it’s only 7 days until Christmas.  The big question is what will you do now? Will you stress out? freak out? or relax and enjoy the moment?   

  • In years past I have been known to stress out or freak out, but quite honestly these days I’m the one that will relax and enjoy the moment.  May I suggest you do the same? 

  • I truly believe that there is a reason for this season, I try to carry that reason throughout the year in my heart and my actions.  Faith, Love and your belief are the most important elements of keeping FAITH, LOVE AND BELIEFS in your life. So, in the spirit of the season I offer you up my favorite Christmas movies and encourage you to take the time to sit and watch them with your kids and family.  These movies portray those meanings best. Make a bowl of popcorn, have some eggnog and relax. They are worth it!