Four years ago today my life was forever changed when I woke up after my “Cancer” surgery. I will NEVER forget that day or all the support and love that my family and friends provided during my journey. The doctors, nurses and fellow cancer patients I met and have bonded with has been an amazing gift. I will always worry about my cancer coming back but right now I am so thankful and blessed to be here today. Thank you everyone for your love and support!!!
1464 days ago they told me they got it all.  Well to be honest I was out of it for the first 3 days after surgery so I didn’t hear them until 1461 days ago.  But, my family knew and was relieved.   I am always waiting for the other shoe to fall and the elephant is ALWAYS in the room.  They learn new nuances every day, but no one knows for sure why one person gets cancer and another doesn’t when there is no direct link nor when or if it will come back.
Every bite of food I take, every prescription, every breath of air, every time I’m around fertilizer, clean the bathroom or use kitchen spray cleaner remind me that I don’t know how I got this horrible cancer and that there is is still the risk of repeating itself.  My oncologist tells me that having Systemic Lupus may have saved my life because it changed my life all those years ago forcing me to eat cleaner, give up “regular” junk food and just be more aware and vigilant in day to day life.

After surgery I was poked, prodded and put through every possible test to double check their findings because they couldn’t believe they got it all.  The tumor was large (volleyball size) but contained – unheard of for this type of cancer so I got a new label – rare and uncommon gynecological tumor which spark a new round of tests.  

I dread the waiting between check-ups every few months.  I’m always afraid that I might not get a clean bill of health with every blood test and check up.  In 365 days I can claim complete remission, but even then there are no guarantees.  While I know I am one really lucky girl, I am always vigilant.  

Tamy, I so happy to hear that you are almost there! We know how you feel around here. My husband had thyroid cancer…twice! Once he had everything removed and was treated with radioactive iodine… the second time, after 7 needle biopsies, he was healed by the Lord! He is a walking testimony! But, every time he feels the slightest lump or it's hard to swallow he becomes very nervous. He goes every year for his check up and so far the Lord has seen him through! Will keep you in our prayers.