It feels like years since I’ve just sat down with my thoughts and chatted with my blog. Seems like life has been just too busy!  For the past 5 years we’ve been traveling and taking care of family, dealing with the VA for as long as I can remember and then dealing with my cancer and other health issues.

Well, it looks like life is finally slowing down for us.  We’re looking forward to finally settling once and for all and hoping that ALL the pieces will fall into place next month. We have the framework of a plan and are just waiting on a few final things (structural reports and such) to fall into place.  I’ll give more details after we’re sure it is all going to work out.  Once we know, there will be a lot of foot work to get us there since things have been stored in 2 different states for all these years, but we are SOOOOO looking forward to the move and having everything ALL in one place for a change!  The house (my grandparents old place) is in need of quite a bit of work, but we really don’t care – we’re actually looking forward to the project and have been making lists and designs to update and make it our own space.  We’re really looking forward to being back in a town that we know – near shopping, restaurants, churches, volunteering and medical that we like.  More importantly being near family and friends. We are just plain looking forward to getting back to a day to day routine.

After the move and everything we own is ALL in one place I already know there will be many piles for donation and piles for ebaying and piles for a rummage sale and probably piles for trash after all this time.  I am really looking forward to minimalizing our life.  After all these years we have learned how little we really need and want to be get by and be happy.

Larry Geddis Photography

My brother will be getting married here in 3 weeks so we have been preparing for that.  My awesome neighbor and friend, Heather is making the cake (gourmet cupcakes)! I’m really looking forward to my new sister-in-law being part of the family officially AND to the time on the coast where the weather will be 25-30 degrees cooler.  Thank you Chris & Amy for picking such a beautiful spot for your wedding!

I ALL but finished our Christmas cards this week, yep you read that right.  They still need addresses and personal notes which will be done nearer the holiday, but the craft work is done. I want them to be ready to mail after just after Thanksgiving since they will also be our change of address cards.

We had an early 4th of July with our neighbors.  We are really going to miss them when we move.  I’m still trying to find a way to take them with us.  We’ll be eating leftovers for days, but with a smile on our face of the pleasant evening we had to remember them by.  I’m really going to miss the kids especially as they are at that age where they change everyday.  But even more, I’m going to miss their smiles and hugs!  We did fireworks in the street until the wind started and we shut down for the night, but we’ll do more on the 5th.  Had to skip the actual 4th as their dad is a fireman on duty that night and why we had to celebrate early anyway.  LOL we had VERY safe fireworks with a fireman leading the way!  Lots of preparedness, buckets and water on hand.

Tamy Bollar

Thanks Carrie – all prayers welcome and very much appreciated. We know that it will be a HUGE undertaking to get this move handled, but we're READY! I'm anxious to document the remodel as we go.

Carrie B.

Hey Tamy – sorry I saw this late. So nice to read about your plans and feel like I have an even bigger peek into you. I pray for all of your safe journeys in the future and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in the future.
Blessings Dear Gal. xoxo