When I started blogging it was an outlet for some serious frustration on an investment house that we were lied to and misled, and cheated and… and… that story is the Chronicles of a Bungled Real Estate Deal and something that is long in the past and we don’t talk about!  But, the bottom line is that I have met some truly wonderful people here in the blogosphere and made some real life friends!

I found this graph on facebook last week that truly and accurately depicts my life!  I made a few adjustments to keep with my positive attitude LOL.  Life has certainly taken some serious twists and turns…

  • Hubby was forced to retire from his civilian job after a bad deployment and bungled surgery that prevented him from doing his job and we set off from the west coast to God’s Country to restore a Queen Anne Victorian investment house while we were working on hubby’s VA claim.
  • A few years later FIL called asking for help to close their house as they were in their late 80’s and so we packed up everything and headed cross country again to the desert putting all our things in storage there.
  • From there we ended up in the southern midwest helping care for my aunt with advanced Parkinson’s disease which in the end was advantageous for me as we were where I needed to be when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer
  • After a year and a half we headed back across country, twice and ended up here in the Pacific Northwest where we spent several seasons trading houses with my mom and getting projects accomplished for her so we can now head across country again to settle once and for all for ourselves.
  • Now we’re headed back to the south, voluntarily and are happy about it since we have family and friends there.

Our life has been in storage for several years now in 2 different states!  It is not going to be an easy move, but it is a move we are anxious to make.  We’ve made multiple lists and plans for the work on the fixer upper and are ready to get it done!

The collage below was day one in the local storage unit getting ready.  When we brought these belongings here in a two part move we had a HORRIBLE experience with not one, but two moving companies that left us missing multiple things, broken things and missing paperwork – original articles here.  The second company at least settled with us so I did remove the negative comments about them.  So, this time we are ty-wrapping all the totes closed, labeling, taking inventory and numbering each piece.   Today was a a little slow going, but as you can see it is a bit more organized.

Because these items won’t arrive for a week or so after we do I am also looking for certain things as we go and pulling them out to take with us which makes it a little slow going.  The biggest thing is my rainbow vacuum and all the pieces!  We’re purchasing a fixer upper (my grandparents old place) and it has been unoccupied for almost a year so will be in need of some deep cleaning and LOL I do have my favorite cleaning tools.

And now a BIG FINAL move to start a new project. Let the Good Times roll!

Tamy Bollar

Thank you so much! I'm staying organized and positive that this will be a smooth move and I believe that is half the battle. The other half is a good bubble bath after a long, hot, sweaty day in storage preparing 😀

Carrie B.

Wow Lady – you have been EVERYWHERE!! I love the friends the blogosphere has provided as well and feel blessed to enjoy our world.
Again, wishing you many blessings for a smooth and pleasant move my Friend! xo