I know I said we were going to take day 27 and 28 off, but our plans fell through and we ended up working part of each day, but today was the most productive.  Our goal is to have a master bedroom and living room by Christmas. My favorite movie of ALL time is It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.  As we work on this house I feel more and more like Mary Bailey fixing up their old house!

Hubby has been trying to move forward in the garage and saw some serious headway today.  Here is the before picture.

Here is the after picture.  Hubs has made serious progress!

Unfortunately, the front half is still full of “STUFF” that needs to go. 

As for me I worked in the master bedroom.  We had filled the majority of the room with our boxes from the move while the foundation people were here.  Now that they have finished we had to move things back out of the master bedroom so we could begin the work on it.

Here is the before picture from 2 days ago.

All these boxes as well as the ones in the walk in closet behind them have been moved elsewhere and then I “emptied” the attic above of all the old “treasures”.  You know what they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure only in reverse in this case! I found my uncle’s foot locker from Vietnam era, old wood, broken fans and calculators, carpet rolls, linoleum, and my mother’s vanity from childhood that everyone wants her to have, but she wants to see go away forever.

Here are the after pictures from when I quit for the day earlier.

Treating the concrete to neutralize the smell is our biggest issue but we are getting there.

The carpet you see on the floor is actually not there, I just did not get a last picture evidently.  It has all been cut into pieces, rolled and tied for the dumpster.  Then I showered for an hour and burned my clothes. Okay so I didn’t burn the clothes, but the did get washed IMMEDIATELY!