475 combined hours and we FINALLY have a room ready, well ready like a blank canvas in the sense that we can finally begin the transformation.

Today we were able to finish removing the rest of the tack strip, wall paper and we not only bought the new ceiling fan, but we picked the carpet and paint color for our new haven to be. Deciding to do the master bedroom first I think will be our best decision.  We are SOOOO tired at this point that having a place to shut the door on the rest of what needs to be done at the end of the day will be a way to finally feel refreshed.  Sleeping in our own bed instead of the futon will be AWESOME! not to mention rejuvenating to not only our backs but also our spirits!

BEHR “Bakery Box”

These carpet rolls are only here waiting for today’s rain to stop and will get moved tomorrow to the junk pile, er back yard to wait for the dumpster next week.  We’ll only have the dumpster for 5 days total so we are trying to get as much wrecked out before it gets here as possible.  It will take us a full 8-10 hours just to load it!

The bathroom will take a bit more effort, but we hope it will go quickly after we remove the mold covered (on the inside) vanity and toilet, deal with the water leaks, put up the new wall board, paint the shower, add a can light to the shower and add a shower door. Yep, you read that right, add a light to the shower.  There is currently NO light in the shower so it is like a cave, but the attic is directly above it so the electrician will be here Tuesday anyway so we’ll have him deal with the shower too. It’s a large shower and with the added light will also be ready to be painted and sealed so it is like new. BTW anyone notice anything wrong (besides the obvious) in this picture below?

If you look closely you’ll see that the light fixture is 2 inches higher on the left hand side than the right and NO it is not an optical illusion.  We didn’t buy a new light yet, but we did narrow down our choices a bit today. We will be removing the mirror and adding recessed medicine chests with mirrored fronts.

Pretty sure this is the vanity we will be going with.  And one of these light fixtures will probably win.

We did leave our mark on the new concrete patch from the foundation work.  It doesn’t matter that it will be under the carpet, we’ll know it’s there.