DAY 128 RANDOM UPDATE towards the LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL

We are a LONG way from done, but we rounded a HUGE corner today!  Two BIG things that were weighing on our progress were the 3 VERY LARGE pieces of furniture that were still here taking up real estate in our living room and the need to paint  a 20 foot ceiling and wall as well as sealing around the triangular windows at the 20 foot height.


The painters were here for 5 hours doing the one room, but the wood had not been painted in 40 years and after 5 gallons of paint and 3 coats we decided that it looked perfect the way it was.  I will have to do some touch up after we install the linen cabinets tomorrow, but we are SOOOOO relieved to have it done and neither of us had to be on the ladder at that height.


My uncle donated the desk, credenza and bookcase to his local volunteer fire department and they finally came and retrieved them today.  They showed up just after the painters left.  We can actually start painting the living room tomorrow and arrange for the carpeting! YAY!

Tamy Bollar

Thank you my friend. It IS an amazing feeling. I installed the linen closet today and got it stained. I was also able to unpack 5 totes and have a place to put the towels, sheets and blankets YAY!