It’s been awhile since I did a decent update on the house so thought I’d sit and chat for awhile. We’ve been quite busy doing a ton of the “LITTLE” finish projects and I’ve been fighting side affects of the cure to a disease that’s actually worse than the disease itself or so it seems. So, my energy level is almost non-existent and I’m happy to get anything done. While not being able to get as much done physically I have finally gotten through ALL of my aunt’s magazines that my uncle brought over.  I’m sure it’s just in time for the next load he’ll brings.  Anyway, on to the update.

Hubby got me a father’s day present.  LOL, yeah I’m not a father, but he promised me one of these for my studio 10 years ago for my birthday and it never happened so now is the time.  I can’t wait to get organized – finally a place for everything – now to get everything in its place.

We did finally get the floor in the studio closet and then I built the cubbies on the side walls for storage.  For some reason I didn’t get a picture of those yet, but will do that for Happy Homemaker Monday.

Hubby has been working hard get the garage walls reinforced with pressure treated wood.  He’s then sistering the old studs and finishing the walls.

I have been on a very specific diet (20 carbs or less a day) per doctor’s orders, but did manage to get a couple new recipes tried and will get the recipes posted soon.

The mosquitoes are horrendously bad this year!  So, I’m planting Citronella all around trying to make a less friendly environment for them.

Hubby and I decided to finally get the living room TV hung today, but it turned into an ALL day project – one of those domino effect projects.  While we were getting ready to mount it we realized that the cabinets below where it was going to be needed to be raised for the bottom doors to clear the future carpet.  This meant we had to empty the cabinets of ALL their contents and move them.  By raising the cabinets we also found we then needed to relocate the power for the TV and accessories which required cutting a couple new holes.  At least I did get all the games, CD’s and DVD’s sorted through and donated a bunch while organizing the rest.  Love these CHEETAH mounts though!