WOW, really 10 years already?

WOW! 10 years sure goes by fast – sometimes. I began as 3 Sides of Crazy while we were going nuts remodeling an old Victorian house back east and were literally going nuts with the different things we kept finding in that old house. Then when things slowed down a bit, a friend and I also sponsored OUR Krazy Kitchen, a cooking site for a group of foodies.  From there I began Always Eat on the Good China as my personal recipe box and then converted 3 Sides of Crazy into Savory Kitchen Table.  Eventually I decided to roll them all into a single blog and self host away from blogger here at Chasing MY Life which seems to roll it all into one category now. I’m still working at the consolidation, getting rid of old superfluous articles, giveaways and recipes not worth making again.