When does your family open their presents?

This category has changed a lot over the years for me as I got older. 

My family traditions as a kid were of a BIG Christmas eve open and that carried on through college, but as we (cousins) all got older and began getting married with families of our own, our grandparents passed on, blended families (with their own traditions) were formed, etc… getting together for both Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day became harder and harder to do. 

Eventually Christmas eve became a much smaller event for immediate family for a small dinner and to open our gifts to each other.  Christmas morning was for being at our respective home with kids opening presents and then the larger family get together much later on Christmas day for dinner at just one place, usually my mom and dad’s house which became our house after my dad passed away.


I always enjoy hearing about how others do their presents. Your later traditions sound similar to the ones I recall from being a kid except we had to wait until Christmas morning for presents. Pretty sure my mom didn’t start her you can open just one on Christmas Eve until I was the only kid in the house (all my siblings were grown & married, there’s a 7 year age gap between me & the rest of them).

Rebecca Knox

I didn’t think about including how it was when I was a child in my post, but, when I was growing up my parents always made me wait until Christmas morning. I much prefer opening them on Christmas Eve. 🙂

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