ON THANKSGIVING, IT’S TRADITIONAL FOR MY FAMILY TO… start the day with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade while we eat a scrumptious brunch – usually a casserole I prepared the day before while I was prepping the sides, desserts and turkey.  I start the gravy base on low and let it simmer.

At some point the football games begin and the aromas start filling the house and senses triggering the mouthwatering desire to eat ourselves into a coma.   These days with my health issues dinner is done in stages throughout the entire day.  As the family gets farther and farther apart in miles, Thanksgiving gets smaller and smaller, which is actually okay with us.  

Whenever possible we watch Miracle on 34th street after dinner to kick off the Holiday season.  During the movie I begin the Christmas cards and start planning for Christmas.

The day after we avoid leaving the house like the plague!  We do start the Christmas decorating and package wrapping while chomping down on turkey sandwiches with homemade cranberry relish on extra sourdough bread or leftover dressing and gravy.

Pat Love

I love Thanksgiving, it is one of my favorite family get togethers. It requires no giving of gifts or expecting but just good food, good family time and being thankful fo the blessings God has given us. Now good food is one of my favorite parts though I am not sure this year we will have a traditional meal, it depends on how many of us can actually get together because of job schedules and this is something that makes me sad. Thanks for sharing some of your traditions and fun.


I agree about it being a favorite because of the lack of commercialism – just plain family time with good food and fun! I hope you’re having a GREAT week.

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