I’m having fun doing Blogmas with you. I can NOT believe you of all people with all of your cooking do not have a Kitchen Aid. You need a bigger Christmas stocking 😉


LOL 😀 Oh I do have one! They are such work horses! I bought my first one after the 1994 Northridge earthquake when I lost my ENTIRE kitchen. I’ve re-painted it 3 times over the years. It lags a bit in power because they just weren’t made as powerful back then (half the wattage of today’s version of the same model). But, because it still works I haven’t justified spending that much money on a newer one! 😀


That’s a fun list! Snow on Christmas is always on my list. Just enough to turn everything white and then it can all be gone when we need to get out on the roads.


I know what you mean. Snow here vs. when we lived back in the U.P. is sooooooooo different. They were so prepared for it back there that for the most part the snow didn’t have any affect on daily life UNLESS it was a blizzard or unexpected LAKE EFFECT snow, but here more than a couple inches and the world comes to a halt! I do LOVE it though. 😀

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